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Breaking news - on 20 December 2020 a new eruption commenced at the Kīlauea summit. The water lake has boiled away and multiple fissures opened in the caldera, erupting lava. Volcanic gases are continuously released during eruptions of Kīlauea volcano, resulting in the potential for vog, downwind. Ashfall presently represents a minor hazard, but visitors to Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park should be aware that, if trade winds are absent, ashfall and elevated concentrations of SO2, at publically accessible areas of the summit, are possible. Follow eruption updates at https://www.usgs.gov/volcano/volcano-updates or on social media https://www.usgs.gov/volcano/social-media. Please also see the State of Hawaii Department of Health's news release.

Summit hazards

NEW: Information on the December 2020 (ongoing) Kīlauea Summit eruption

What is vog?

Description of vog and links to factsheets

Vog and wind forecasts

Links to the VMAP vog and NWS wind forecast models

Air quality data

Links to real-time and historic SOand particle data

Advice for visitors to Hawaii

Information update for visitors to Hawaii

Vog fact sheets

Links to the Interagency and USGS fact sheets

Health effects of vog

Description of potential health effects of vog exposure

Protect yourself from vog

How to protect yourself from vog exposure including air purifier information

Information for schools

School action plans for SO2, PM2.5 and ash

Plants and agriculture

Effects of vog on plants and agriculture

Water catchment systems

Advice on maintaining water catchment systems

Lower Puna eruption

Information on the May-August 2018 Lower East Rift Zone eruption in the Puna District

Space-based data and images

Satellite data on SO2 and particles

Scientific literature

Relevant articles and publications on vog

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